Simpsons Did It!: “Viva Ned Flanders”

At the start of this particular episode, Mr. Burns’ Casino is being demolished.  Marge remarks in the most meta way possible how there was a lot of excitement for the place for the first week, and then it more or less got forgotten about, and Homer alone seems to know why the people took it with them when they moved the town.

But then the demolition crew got mixed up between implosions and explosions, and no one got Don Rickles out in time.

When a dirty car takes Homer to the car wash, he is shocked that straight arrow Ned Flanders is using a senior citizen discount card.  Why?  When confronted in church, Ned admits to being sixty years old.  Why does he look so young?  Well, he’s never done anything fun or daring.  Even his own family mocks him for that.

Tired of being in a rut, Ned decides to go to the one person he knows who is the opposite of him in every possible way.  That’s right; he asks Homer for tips on  how to be more spontaneous and adventurous.  All he has to do is sign a contract that even gives Homer power of attorney.

The most obscure of all superpowers.
The most obscure of all superpowers.

With Ned now under his wing for the Homer Simpson Program, Homer declares the key is to listen to the impulse zone, which means a sudden trip to the Burns Casino.  Except it isn’t there anymore, so Homer takes Ned to Vegas.  And though the place freaks Flanders out, Joan Rivers asking him to come to her show and save her from an untalented daughter scares him even more.  And even when Ned sees Homer nearly killed in a stunt with Captain Lance Murdock, he still goes along with the Program.

Which, of course, means both men get black-out drunk and marry a pair of cocktail waitresses.

Methinks Marge and Maude won’t like that very much.

Homer can’t even keep straight which of the two is his, Amber or Ginger.  And neither seem convinced by the fact that Homer and Ned were already married.  What is the honorable thing to do?  Ned might have found something, but Homer just makes a run for it.  And it turns out, dishonoring your marriage vows is something that Las Vegas doesn’t allow.  They don’t even like out-of-towners.

Fleeing finds the two men surrounded by flashy magicians with their white tiger, various security agents, Drederick Tatum (you can spot Lucius Sweet in the background), and even the Moody Blues playing themselves.  Can the poems, folks, it’s ass-whupping time.

And maybe if Homer had started the getaway car before he gloated, they might have gotten away.  As it is, a swift beating and Homer and Ned have a long walk home to come up with a story involving alien gang probing to tell Marge and Maude.

If living the high life ages a person, Ned should actually look about sixty after that weekend.

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