Comic Review: Transhuman

Human evolution has often been a focal point of science fiction and comic books.  Sometimes the story looks at it as something given an artificial jumpstart.

That’s more or less what happens in Transhuman, an Image comic from writer Jonathan Hickman and artist JM Ringlet.

Transhuman takes the form of a fake documentary being made after the fact of the story’s narrative.  The host introduces the piece as the story of the rise of two different companies looking to somehow jumpstart human evolution, and how the winning corporation ended up dominating the other and leading to the next step in evolution.

In point of fact, there are some interesting parallels here to a very modern real-world company.  I mean, the research started at a firm called iPharm, and one of the two battling visionaries is a man named Dave Apple.  Draw your own conclusions.

The other visionary is Apple’s ex-wife.  They don’t like each other very much.

Dave Apple
Dave Apple

The two companies go about their business in different ways.  One goes for radical genetic engineering type solutions, while the other seems more invested in relatively safe cybernetics.  There are bitter scientists, publicists, investors, venture capitalists, and all manner of people, but the real plot seems to be going on in the background as the genetics company did something involving monkeys, a plot thread that gets more prominent as the story progresses.

There’s actually an interesting final reveal that was hinted at if you know where to look, and in this case, knowing where to look was more of how certain things were colored in.

The final product was interesting, though not as funny as I might have hoped.  Let’s say eight out of ten failed superheroes.

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