ICYMI: Captain America: Civil War Honest Trailer

Somewhere over the last year or so, Gabbing Geek has become Tom Kelly’s Den Of Awesomeness.  I’ve mostly been in my office reading comic books.  Ryan has been starring in his local Austin production of Hamilton.  Watson left to hike the Himalayas.  (And he left on foot from Austin, so he might be awhile.)  And Jenny, well, we love Jenny.

Back when I did more than update comic book reading orders, I also was quite fond of posting Honest Trailers.  I really enjoy those.  Screen Junkies do a good job of skewering many of the horrible, horrible films that we’ve sat through over the years.  But the good films are not immune either.  Some of these great films have moments that make you go “Hmmmm?” especially when you realize how similar they may be to a film you probably hated.

See what I mean in the Honest Trailer for Captain America: Civil War.

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