Penny Dreadful “And They Were Enemies”

When last we left our heroes, Sir Malcolm and Victor were being haunted by dead or undead relatives.  Ethan had wolfed out and killed Sembene.  Ferdinand Lyle was being held aloft by a witch.  Caliban had been locked up in a freak show attraction by the owners of the wax museum he worked for.  Lily had forged an alliance of shady immortals with Dorian Gray.  And Vanessa was being tasked to have a chat with Lucifer, to see if she will fulfill the destiny Evelyn Poole says Vanessa will as the mother of evil that will allow Lucifer to storm the gates of heaven and unseat God Himself.

By the by, Lucifer is speaking to Vanessa through the puppet thing Evelyn made to look like Vanessa.  And he speaks in her voice.  And I think Vanessa said she was afraid of dolls once.  I don’t blame her on that one.  Victorian era dolls are really creepy.

Things just aren’t looking good.  Vanessa says there isn’t much to tempt her with, and she has to give her soul up willingly for the devil to win.  But there is something to tempt her with:  a life of love and family with Ethan.  And she is tempted.  And then she says no and crushes the puppet’s head after the two chant some gibberish or Latin or whatever it is that causes a lot room shaking.  And once the devil loses, and the scorpions crawl out of the empty puppet head, Evelyn starts aging.

And then Hecate lets Ethan the Wolf-Man out of the staircase he was locked in.

And then Ethan takes a swipe at Evelyn that more or less takes her head clear off.

Fortunately for Vanessa, Ethan seems to recognize her and leaves her alone, though she also knows who it is.

Evelyn’s death frees Sir Malcolm and Victor from their respective spells, where they were both being urged to kill themselves.  Lyle actually saves himself with a small pistol he’d had on his person the whole time.  And then Sir Malcolm shoots another witch between the eyes when she makes a mad dash at the trio.  Man, you take out the head witch and killing the others suddenly becomes really easy.

Now, for a lot of shows, this might be the climax to the season finale.  For Penny Dreadful, this is the halfway point.  We still have a few things to wrap up.  Let’s start with Caliban.  Locked in the basement of the future freak show under the wax museum, the couple who own the place come down and offer him some profit sharing, where if he just plays along, eventually they’ll let him out and then he could be father or king of the freaks.

Funny, I could have sworn Frankenstein’s monster usually has superhuman strength…oh yeah, he does here too because he easily busts through the cage’s lock, cracks the wife’s neck, bashes the husband’s head to putty, and then leaves the cruel blind daughter to find the mess when he slips away.

Victor, meanwhile, goes to Dorian Gray’s place to get Lily, only to find the two of them dancing in white.  And man, are they cruel.  Victor isn’t sure who to shoot with the pistol he brought.  He ends up shooting Lily when she reveals how bad he was in bed.  And then…she doesn’t die.  He shoots Dorian and the same thing happens.  It seems Lily was aware from Day One what she was.  And the two agree to let Victor live so he can suffer later.  Victor might, but he decides drugs are better for those bad days.

And now, well, everyone is going somewhere.  Sir Malcolm is going to take Sembene’s remains back to Africa.  Ethan turns himself in to Inspector Rusk, hoping for a quick hanging, only to find he’s being extradited to America.  Caliban has decided he doesn’t like people too much as they bring the worst out of him.  He asks Vanessa to go with him…somewhere.  She declines because her presence tends to bring misery to others, and she doesn’t believe the creature deserves this as he is the most human man she has ever met.

That makes Caliban cry.  He ends up going on an exploration voyage to the North Pole.

Vanessa is left alone.  She has lost her faith. She tosses her crucifix in the fire.

You know, the story translated said that Lucifer had a brother.  Lucifer would feast on souls in the afterlife.  The brother would feast on blood on Earth. I wonder where the other brother is…

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