Bento Review: Rick And Morty

Well, this months’ Bento Box has been a wee bit disappointing so far.    Comics based off TV shows I don’t watch, aren’t really a fan of, or are based off really disgusting trading cards didn’t work for me.  Especially that last one on the list there.

But I actually mostly like Rick and Morty when I get a chance to see it, so how about a book from Oni Press featuring that demented pair?

Actually, this was good.



For those not in the know, Rick and Morty is about an amoral psychopath and overall mad scientist, Dr. Rick Sanchez, who runs around often drunk, doing whatever the hell he wants to and no one can really stop him and most won’t even try.  He always drags along for the ride his timid grandson Morty, often against Morty’s will.  The two certainly look a lot like Doc and Marty from Back to the Future and that’s intentional.  Body counts, alien worlds, interdimensional travel, all are open for business in the world of Rick and Morty.

What helps here is writer Zac Gorman and artist CJ Cannon manage to get the look and feel for the TV series just right.  The pacing of the dialogue, the meta-commentary, the way the other characters behave, it’s all about right.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a licensed comic get the show it is copying this right ever.  Here’s a pair of panels from the first chapter/issue where Rick berates in his general overly aggressive style his hapless son-in-law Jerry, the closest thing to a normal person in this series:


There’s a lot of fun going on here.  I’m not sure how it would work for anyone who has never seen the show, but I dug it.  I’m giving it nine out of ten Class 2 Clonerbeasts.  You gotta watch out for those things.

NEXT BOX:    That does it for the TV themed box.  Next month’s box theme is “Gnarly 90s”, so I am expecting something with a character covered in pouches.  Please, though, no more Youngblood…

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