Bento Review: Homecoming

Comic Bento keeps sending me stuff from Aspen Comics.  Theoretically, at some point I will get one I like.

This month’s box included one called Homecoming.  And nope, I don’t like this one either.

To be fair, there’s nothing really wrong with this book.  It’s just not much better than mediocre.


Normal teenager Hunter Wilson is home alone while his single mom is on a business trip overseas when a bright light flashes outside and he finds a naked girl stepping out of his pool.  He knows who she is:  she’s Celeste Lee, who used to live in Hunter’s house until she and her mother disappeared ten years earlier.  Hunter must be a decent guy, since apparently an amnesiac attractive blonde being naked in his pool doesn’t cause him to have a single thought of an impure variety.

Aspen books often have a female hero with superpowers or skills, so if you think Hunter as the main narrator is going to change that…er, nope!  Celeste has superpowers that she uses to fend off an alien tracker.  And then Hunter uses some hacking skills or something to get Celeste enrolled at his high school as his cousin.  There, he introduces her to his friends, the Cool Girl, the Athletic Flirt Guy, and the Cheerleader.

Yes, they have names, but it doesn’t really matter.  Another alien attack nearly gets everyone but Hunter and Celeste killed, as they were apparently the only five students at the school committed to decorating the gym for the homecoming dance, so Celeste puts them in some healing pods in her space ship (she has one since she was kidnapped by aliens) which grants everyone else–you know, except Hunter–biologically-based powers.  Yes, the Cheerleader sprouts tentacles.  Hunter has a thing for the Cheerleader, and again doesn’t seem to bat an eyelash when she is also floating naked in a tubewhile  being healed.  This guy sure is nonchalant around naked women.

Then again, it’s an Aspen book.  Scantily-clad women are the norm.  Maybe something in the water makes nudity no big deal?

There’s a bit more to this, but when Celeste used a couple dues ex machinas to save the day, there wasn’t much for me to really care about.  Like Bubblegun, there wasn’t much to really get into here.  Some decent designs but ultimately not much of a story or interesting characters.  David Wohl’s writing and Emilio Laiso’s artwork don’t really provide much I feel like I haven’t seen before.

And remember:  Comic Bento sent me this book as part of an “Animal Planet” theme.  Where were these animals?  Well, the postcard that came with the box said aliens and humans were animals, so that counts.

Um, no.  It does not.

Six and a half surprisingly empty high schools out of ten.

NEXT BOOK:  The last time I got something from Silver Dragon Books, it was some sort of History Channel licensed book.  Really.  Well, now I have another one, a slim volume called Jurassic Strike Force 5.  No, really.

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