Simpsons Did It!: “Summer Of 4 Ft. 2”

Woo hoo!  Seven seasons down…only twenty more to go…and the 28th after that and any additional episodes that could still get made if Fox renews them again.


Why isn’t Lisa Simpson popular?  She’s smart, gets straight A’s, has perfect attendance, and even single-handedly edited the Springfield Elementary yearbook.

There’s an elementary school yearbook?  I suppose.  Roll with it, Tommy.

Anyhoo, Lisa did a lot of work and expects to be the most popular kid in school, which just goes to show she’s been paying zero attention to how things work around there.  Who is the most popular?  Bart from the looks of things.  Bart’s got a table for signing yearbooks.  Even Skinner wants Bart’s signature in his yearbook.  What’s a girl like Lisa to do?

The solution comes when Ned Flanders basically asks Homer to use the Flanders family beach house for two weeks.  All Ned had to do was toss in fixing Homer’s septic tank and give up the house for free, and it’s all for the Simpson family.  Bart is permitted to bring Milhouse, and Lisa can bring a friend too, except Lisa doesn’t seem to have any.  Being herself isn’t working, so Lisa instead takes an empty suitcase such that she’ll need to buy new clothes once they all get there.  And man, what a look Lisa pulls out…


That’s about as mid-90s a look as you can get.  And since Lisa is playing ignorant, she has to take some tips from someone…so, she goes the Bart route.  She soon meets some kids and makes friends with them, particularly the one girl in the group.  Her name is Erin (voiced by Christina Ricci).  The three boys?  You know, I don’t think their names came up once.  Those are some great friends to have.

Now, Lisa having friends is not necessarily something bad, but Bart wants them for himself, and his skateboard antics don’t work because it looks like he actually put effort into his bit.  These kids are slackers, so impressive work is still work and thus not impressive.  I can’t believe I came up with a line that good.

And even though Lisa is painting herself in a Bart light and actually describing Bart more as herself, the inner Lisa is still coming out with interesting facts about seashells and hermit crabs, plus she knew where the library was.  All Bart has is Milhouse and games of “Mystery Date” back at the beach house since it was the only board game the Flanders have.  Homer did manage to buy a single giant firecracker from an Apu-lookin’ guy, but all that did was destroy the Flanderses’ dishwasher with all the dishes inside.  Marge still cleans the broken stuff by hand, though, and her only company is Maggie from the looks of things.

So, what does Bart end up doing?  While Lisa is out using his catchphrases and having a beach party with apparently the only other kids in town, Bart pulls out the yearbook to show them the real Lisa.  Why did they bring the yearbook?  And its Lisa’s?  Huh.  That empty suitcase had a pocket she forgot to empty.

Lisa is friendless again, and after she and Bart squabble at a fair, in a way that mostly hits poor Milhouse, Bart does make it up to Lisa by getting her new friends, Erin and those nameless boys, to sign Lisa’s yearbook.  And they decorated the Simpson family car with sea shells.  It seems they didn’t mind Lisa’s smarts because she taught them stuff like why they shouldn’t drink seawater.  Sure, Homer has gulls all over his car on the drive home, but at least Lisa got something out of it.

Oh, look, the boys do have names.  Rick, Dean, and Ben.  Maybe they shouldn’t have left that for the pages of Lisa’s yearbook.  We could know which one was which.

Or why the dud in the Mystery Date game looked like Milhouse.

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