Happy Birthday Gabbing Geek…GFY!

There was a buzz in the air at the Gabbing Geek office over the weekend.  As it turns out, this marked the second birthday of the weekly podcast that talks about movies and TV and board games and video games and comic books and sci-fi and fantasy and all things geeky!

Wow!  It’s hard to believe that we’ve reached 104 episodes already!  Wait, that’s not right.

2014 through 2015 was a different time for Gabbing Geek.  New and fresh, the podcast was appearing regularly.  There was a theme song; sponsors had been attracted.  There were interviews and guest stars and segments recorded on location.  There were regular fans that would write in and have their questions answered on air.  One of those writers was usually Mr. Tom Kelly, taking the Geeks to task for one thing or another.

Along the way, the Gabbing Geek website moved from a simple Facebook group to its own location on the interwebs and eventually through a massive redesign.  Content was flowing and Tom Kelly now had his own column each week to hold the Geeks to task for one thing or another.

But times change.  As much as we wish it was, Gabbing Geek was none of our full time jobs.  It was a labor of love that we all did in our spare time.  Over the course of that year or so, priorities changed.  People changed jobs.  Personal lives were in states of flux.  The website would soldier on for some time (and still is where you are reading this today) but the podcast become MIA.

We (mostly) jokingly blamed Watson’s Back To The Future trivia game for killing the podcast.  But alas, it simply became a matter of scheduling.  From what I can gather from the archives, the Gabbing Geek Founders were all working in the same building with similar schedules and could easily arrange a lunch hour to bang out talking about the latest news like Daniel Radcliffe being cast as Spider-Man or some such.  But over time, the logistics of this arrangement didn’t work and the podcast went bye-bye.

All hope seemed lost.  But from the ashes of the podcast, like a phoenix, arose blab.  A lifestreaming app that to some degree solved the scheduling problem for the Founders.  No longer was it required for them to sit in a single room with three (one sometimes faulty) microphones and record.  Now they could join blab from anywhere.  Ryan in his car waiting to pick his son up from dance class?  No problem.  Watson in Boston doing whatever it is Watson does in Boston that probably isn’t fit to print on this website?  As long as he had a reliable internet connection, he could do it!  Jenny at home in her pajamas?  Because really, when isn’t Jenny in her pajamas?  She could record as well!  The trifecta was together again!

The other advantage of this set up is that it allowed the Tumultuous Tom Kelly to become a regular on the show.  Even yours truly dropped by on occasion to not get a word in edgewise.  There were still some logistical problems.  Tom had to constantly keep a finger to his ear to keep that damn ear bud in for example.  And trying to arrange a time for a half dozen people spread across 4 different time-zones, one of them being a Canadian, and you know how difficult they can be, still led to scheduling issues.  But the podcast was back!  Not quite weekly…maybe not even bi-weekly…but back!

Unfortunately this past weekend while we all were high-fiving each other and drinking celebratory mimosas, word came across the wire…blab was dead.  Without warning (to us anyway) they had closed down the service and hung a big “Out Of Business” sign on the website.

This was not good.

Now what?

We don’t have that answer as of yet.  At worse, maybe the Founders can find some time to get together for an old fashioned podcast recording.  (If you saw the craziness that happened in our last blabcast, then you know it is still possible.)  The biggest issue there would be the inability of myself, but more importantly Tom to participate.

What will the future hold for the Gabbing Geek podcast…time will tell.  We don’t have an answer at the moment.  I’m sure it will be back in some form or another so stay tuned.

On the plus side, all this turmoil is buying me a lot of time to finish Daniel O’Malley’s Stiletto before the next book club.

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