An Honest Trailer For The Original Bourne Trilogy

So Jason Bourne did ok this past weekend at the box office, bringing in around 60 million.  Well up from the Jeremy Renner side-quel The Bourne Legacy’s 38 million opening, but no surprise there.  I’m a little surprised it fell short of the last true sequel starring Matt Damon though.  The Bourne Ultimatum opened back in August 2007 (geez…was it really 9 years ago?) to the healthy tune of 69 million.  I’m not sure what the number is adjusted for inflation, but I’m sure it puts an even bigger gap between the two films.  Have people grown tired of Bourne?  Or more likely moved on after such a long wait?

I don’t know the answer there, but I do know that the reviews have not been kind.  It currently sits at 56% on Rotten Tomatoes.  Not that I think critics are the be all and end all (and in honesty, they usually like the opposite of what I do) but it is not a good sign.  Even Watson disliked it:

[Jason Bourne is] not worth seeing. Unnecessary sequel that had zero plot. I left 15 minutes early so I could go home in time to see Obama speak. 4 loud shaky scenes out of 10.

Not a very glowing endorsement.  In comparison, the first three films of the franchise currently have RT ratings of 83%, 81% and 93%.  (If you care, Mr. Renner’s film sits at 56%, right on par with the current film.)

Very disappointing to hear as I am a huge Bourne fan and if you listened to one of our last podcasts (yes we do a podcast!  Occasionally…) you know that I picked Bourne over Suicide Squad as the thing I was most looking forward to for the remainder of the summer.  That choice is not looking so good.  I haven’t seen Jason Bourne yet, and I still will.  Maybe I will enjoy it with my now lowered expectations.

In the meantime, how about a reminder of the awesomeness of the original three films…picked on in a way that only Honest Trailers can do…

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