Penny Dreadful “Resurrection”

The previous episode ended with the abrupt death of Victor’s second creature at the hands of the first.  So, what’s up with these two guys?

Well, it’s the Victorian period of horror, so they were both miserable.  Victor as a boy came across his dog, dead in a field.  As he and his mother discussed what death was, and how it was just the two of them at that exact moment Mama Frankenstein started coughing up blood.  What is it with the blood coughing going on here?  Oh well.  Victor saw death wasn’t peaceful and vowed to do something about it.

The something was the first creature.  While Proteus awoke in a rather peaceful and confused manner, this nameless one awoke in a rather painful and confused manner.  Being pale with blood red eyes and some weird scars, the first creation was covered in blood and screaming his fool head off.  That would be about when Victor ran away.

Confined on his own, that creature took to watching people in the street, where apparently there were a lot of horse beatings.  Then he taught himself to read poetry.  Then he went for a walk, and after a savage beating dispensed for no good reason, he’s found by a flamboyant actor who takes pity on the man-shaped fellow and takes him back for a job at the Grand Guignol theater of the grotesque.  Taking the name “Caliban” from Shakespeare’s The Tempest, the first creation finds some measure of contentment running the machines and living in the basement.  What does he want from his creator?  Well, he’d like a companion of the female persuasion.

All that might be enough for a single episode, but we have other characters to check in on.  Vanessa gets a vision of Mina, and taking the clues the vision provides, she and Sir Malcolm decide to check the London Zoo.  Ethan comes back to their company since he needs money for Brona’s medication for Brona’s own blood-coughing problem.  Yeah, those two are an item it seems.  At the zoo, Ethan calms an angry wolf pack by, well, staring at them a bit and letting them sniff his hand.  Then the party finds a young vampire eating the wildlife and capture him.  His name is Fenton, and while Sir Malcolm has no problem introducing Fenton to Mr. Two-By-Four, Ethan does since he has a conscience.  Victor is there to offer hope for a potential cure, but Sir Malcolm lets it be known there’s no room for kindness where they’re going.  Ethan will stay for Vanessa if nothing else, especially since Sir Malcolm is convinced whoever took his daughter is really after Vanessa anyway.

And in the basement, Fenton says his master has arrived.  I don’t care how young he looks, that guy is creepy and I am sure Ethan will regret something regarding Fenton’s treatment one way or the other very soon.

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