Podcast Reaction: Pokemon Edition

This week on the podcast, Jenny, Jimmy, Ryan, and Watson discussed a number of things.  I was unavailable due to seeing the Rifftrax MST3K Reunion, and I have no regrets there at all.  It was good stuff for me, and good stuff for them.  Heck, I couldn’t even object to how Ryan described my recent output here as stuff written about old TV shows.  That’s….well, that’s true.  Funny, too.

The Donald Trump game may have been the best game they’ve done in quite some time.

But much of what I would react to would be about that Pokemon game.  I won’t be playing.

So, why not?

Well, for one, I don’t have a smartphone.

That’s kind of important there.

But I have better reasons than that.  For one, I never got into Pokemon.  That “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” thing sounded dangerously obsessive.  And Pokemons…seriously, what the living frack are those things?  Look at the pic I attached to this article.  Some of those things don’t make any sort of anatomical sense!

For another, when I listen to Jenny describe the game, I think to myself, “Self, I know what all those individual words mean, but in that context they make no sense!”

But really, the biggest problem with Pokemon is the subtext.

Think about it this way:  you are going around capturing cute, little wild animals.  They don’t mind once captured.  They are now your pets.  So, what do you do with these cute pets?  Make them fight each other!


That’s the sort of thing that got Michael Vick sent to jail!

That’s the sort of thing that happens in the more stereotypical versions of  Tijuana!

Hell, that’s the thing happening in this Imagine Dragons video!

Not so cute now, is it?

So, I’ll pass.

By the by, thanks to Watson for starting a new Book Club reading since the crew never really took care of that last one, AKA the one I sent in!  City of Stairs is a damn good book!

OK, so was The Rook and Stiletto has been pretty good so far…

Well, maybe next time I’ll be around to remind people that.

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