Simpsons Did It!: “Fear Of Flying”

Let us all pray for the recovery of one Guy Incognito, brutally beaten in Moe’s Tavern for looking a lot like Homer Simpson.  Homer might care enough to get to the know the guy, but dogs with puffy tails sure are distracting.

Why was this Guy beaten inside of Moe’s?  Well, because Homer played a relatively harmless practical joke on Moe involving an unscrewed sugar lid, and then he got banned from the establishment.  Yes, Moe will tolerate poisonous snake bites and getting set on fire, but don’t you DARE mess with his sugar jar.

Homer can’t possibly spend time with his family, so he goes off to look for a new bar.  Trendy places ask him to leave.  Lesbian bars strike him as odd until he realizes there’s no fire escape.  One place where everyone would know his name has karaoke.

And let us take a moment to point out most of the cast of Cheers reprised their roles for this scene, mostly with one line each.  Yes, there was Ted Danson, Rhea Perlman, John Ratzenberger, Woody Harrelson, and George Wendt.  And despite Frasier Crane clearly being visible, Kelsey Grammer was a no-show!  What?  Does he think he’s too good for this show?

Homer finally tricks his way into a pilot’s bar at an airport, but that gets him put into a cockpit, and then no one believes him when he says he isn’t a pilot.  His mishap could become a laughingstock for the company, Crazy Clown Airlines, so the president buys Homer off with free plane fare to anyone in the United States aside from the so-called freak states of Alaska and Hawaii.  Those would be the places Bart and Lisa most want to go.

Where do the Simpsons go?  I don’t know.  Marge has a panic attack and the family gets off the plane, except for Grampa whom they forgot about.  That happens a lot to the old man.

Eventually, Marge goes to see a real therapist.  And the therapist is voiced by…wait, Anne Bancroft?  Seriously?  Not her husband Mel Brooks?  I mean, he comes later and all, but…wow, Mrs. Robinson…

Oh, yeah, why was Marge afraid to fly?  Her dad was a flight attendant and it scarred her.  There were other incidents too, and Homer yanked Marge out before he could get blamed, but that seems to be the big thing.  Besides, that doctor was way too into the Monkees.  Probably for the best.

Now the family can take that flight to…somewhere.  We never do find out where.  Hopefully to go get Grampa.

You know, after they get the plane out of the ocean it crashed into before take-off.

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