Simpsons Did It!: “Homer Badman”

You know, Homer Simpson isn’t a bad guy..wait…holy crap…I think he killed a convention full of candy sellers with that cola and pop rocks explosion!

Homer does have a few things he considers dependable friends and allies.  One of them turns on him in this particular episode.  That would be TV.

Yes, after a mix-up involving a rare Gummi Venus De Milo that Homer innocently pulls off a female grad student’s pants, he’s accused of sexual harassment, and everyone is out to get him.  And I mean everyone.  The protestors were one thing, but then TV turns on him.  Talk show hosts.  News anchors.  Gentle Ben.  The Fox Network makes a TV movie with Dennis Franz under the classy title of Homer Simpson:  Portrait of an Ass-Grabber, where a really bad Homer scoffs at the idea of being accused of sexual harassment what with “The Man in the White House.”

Homer can’t even catch a break when he tries getting his side out on a tabloid TV show.  Obvious creative editing creating a conversation and confrontation that even the show admits may not have actually happened made Homer out to be an even bigger monster than he ever was.

Then he tries public access, but that just means he gets people who like those old timey bikes mad at him too.

With even Marge and the kids starting to doubt him just a little, all hope is lost…until Groundskeeper Willy shows up with a video tape he made himself, just like all Scottish people do, that exonerates Homer completely.  But Homer himself learned nothing from all this and soon doubts Willy thanks to the same tabloid show that ruined him showing footage of Willy with sinister music playing in the background.

Homer may never fight with TV again, but Grandpa still won’t recognize the state of Missouri.

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