Clickbait Sucks, But There Are Some Things You Can Do

The Internet is full of clickbait.  You know what that is?  That’s the stuff with the headline that’s designed to grab you, make you curious, and then click on whatever.  The whatever then gets a page view, and meanwhile that intriguing headline or whatever that got your attention turns out to be less earth-shattering or interesting than you had been led to believe.

Well, someone came up with a service of sorts to keep you from feeling the temptation, and it won’t cost you anything more than a Facebook like.  Or possibly you can follow them on Twitter too.  I don’t know.  I only got a Twitter account so I could Blab anyway.

Anyhoo, the folks at DeClicked find the clickbait articles, read them, then post to their Facebook page (and, I am guessing, their Twitter account) a brief summary of whatever the headline is hinting at and then concludes with a brief, “There.  Don’t read.”  For example, for an article that had a headline promising to give away Anthony Bourdain’s favorite city to travel through solo, the folks at DeClicked just posted a single word (“Tokyo”) followed by the fact you no longer have to read the rest of the article…you know, unless you want Bourdain’s reasons and such, but the article title is clearly meant to make you want to click it whether you care about those reason or not.  A less clickbait-y headline might have been, “Anthony Bourdain Explains His Love of Tokyo,” but that wouldn’t create curiosity the way the mystery headline does.

So try checking there next time you see some article of a list of things that sounds intriguing but maybe comes from one of those sites where you have to click through four or five times as many slides to see the whole list complete with explanations and the occasional ad popping up and everything is super slow due to the high ad content.


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