Gabbing Geek 65 And A Half: Hijacked!

The Gabbing Geek podcast ain’t as regular as it used to be, but sometimes with a little help from Blab, some imitators to the original can take a shot at it.  How do Tom and Jimmy do when they host the show sans Ryan, Watson, and Jenny?

Yes, the two contributors get together to discuss things that haven’t been discussed before.  In their G.N.O.M.’s (Geekiest News of the Moment), the guys discuss some exciting video game announcements, the longevity of The Simpsons, and how awesome Mark Hamill is, then move on to the meat of the show by analyzing the various Marvel Netflix shows, both in reality and potential.  What did these two guys think?  Give the show a watch below.



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2 thoughts on “Gabbing Geek 65 And A Half: Hijacked!

  1. Man, there’s either some kind of weird recording lag going on towards the end of things, or Jimmy is a time traveler that can anticipate what I am going to say before I say it.

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