Simpsons Did It!: “Homer Loves Flanders”

It is taken as fact that Homer Simpson, for reasons largely unknown, hates Ned Flanders.  Flanders, for his part, is nothing but friendly and patient with Homer.

This episode wonders what it would be like if we switched these two up.

It’s time for the big football game between Springfield and Shelbyville’s respective teams.  How big are these towns that they have their own football teams?  I have no idea.  But they have an annual rivalry, and Homer’s efforts to get tickets by sleeping outside the stadium for eight days fail to work when the only man in line in front of him buys out every ticket for ten dollars.

Still less crooked than trying to get Hamilton tickets on Ticketmaster.

Anyway, Homer finds out that his hated neighbor Ned Flanders has a pair of tickets, and though Homer initially prays to a waffle on the ceiling for tickets and/or guidance, he ends up first trying to club and rob Flanders before accepting the invitation.

As it turns out, Homer has a great time at the game, even getting the game ball because of Ned, so he decides he likes Flanders and wants to spend time with him and his family.

That goes poorly, and Homer starts getting credit for Ned’s good deeds, and wrecking Ned’s pool table, boat, car, and maybe children.

Because as Rod and Todd learned, there may actually be sugar in pixie sticks.

But as much as Homer and Flanders have switched positions, it takes Homer helping the disgraced Flanders who got arrested for being under the influence of “goofballs”.  Homer standing up for Flanders in church after Flanders finally told Homer off was a wonderful moment.

And then the show flashed ahead one week to show the relationship switched back to the way it was, to the immense relief of Bart and Lisa.

And possibly to Moe, who reads to kids in the hospital and will cut a man to keep that a secret.

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