Simpsons Did It!: “Homer And Apu”

The Simpsons/Family Guy crossover was a fairly dire production.  The writers for the show were from the Family Guy staff, and mostly it showed just how rough and awful the humor on Family Guy was compared to whatever was going on in Springfield.  To the show’s credit, the Simpson family themselves recognized something wrong and cruel about the Griffins.  There was a highlight though, where I thought the show did something truly funny.  At a certain point, Homer takes Peter to court over the fact that Peter’s beloved Pawtucket Patriot Ale is just literally Homer’s preferred Duff beer with a new label over the bottle.  During the courtroom scene, it is pointed out how similar the people of the two towns are, showing different Simpsons character sitting next to a similar Family Guy character.

And then they show James Woods sitting next to himself, in the two different animation styles, since he’s done guest voice work for both shows.

Since Woods guest stars as himself on this episode of The Simpsons, I really was going somewhere with all that.

The Simpsons at its best is often a very quotable show.  More quotable than Clue, that’s for damn sure.

Yup, I went there.
Yup, I went there.

Those sorts of asides are mostly there to see if anyone reads these things.  If you are reading these things, thank you!

If not, I have nothing to say to you as you will not see it.

Anyway, this particular episode is filled with highly quotable lines.

“I can see through time!”

‘You can’t sell that!  Karma can only be portioned out by the cosmos.”

“It’s true!  It’s true!  We’re so lame!”

“This is just between you and me, smashed hat.”

“Yes, in the end I thought I was a hummingbird of some sort.”

“He lied to us through song!”

“I’ve learned that life is one crushing defeat after another until you just wish Flanders was dead.”

Huh.  Homer said most of those.

As for the episode itself, the spotlight shines on Apu, a character that can be controversial with Indians, so I won’t comment on the trip he takes with Homer to India.  Nobody got what they wanted out of that journey.

But Homer got food poisoning from the Kwik-E-Mart, and acting as a go-between for Kent Brockman, gets Apu’s (company policy) negligence on tape, causing Apu to lose his job.  Moving in with the Simpsons in an attempt to make up for sending Homer to the hospital multiple times eventually leads to Apu bonding with the family.

Apu’s been one of those characters that hangs around a lot up to this point, but over time has been revealed to be one of the smartest people in Springfield.  Here we see a bit of his dedication to work, as well as his general human decency.

You know, the kind of thing that doesn’t exist on Family Guy.  Yes, I went there again.

After being replaced by James Woods researching a role, Apu eventually gets his job back by saving Woods’ life from a robber.

This won’t be the last time that another resident of the town will spend time with the Simpson family.  Heck it isn’t even the first time when you consider both Otto and Krusty have slept on the family couch.  But Apu seems to have been the one the family cared about the most, so he gets a group hug to close out the show.

James Woods, meanwhile, is off to battle aliens on a far off planet.

Or possible get cloned.
Or possibly get cloned.

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