Simpsons Did It!: “Bart Gets Famous”

How many Simpsons writers went off to do other things but did a guest appearance on the show after they left?  Well, one, but it was Conan O’Brien, so there was a good reason for it.

In another great John Swartzwelder script, Bart is initially quite excited to be going on a field trip.  Then he finds out it is to a box factory, a place only Principal Skinner and Martin Prince find interesting.  Heck, even Mrs. Krabappel is dispirited.  The bus passed toy stores, fireworks testing ranges, a slide factory, where other schools were having field trips, but no, it’s off to the box factory, where the manager is only interested in boxes.

Bart sneaks off to go to the TV station across the street, where some smart thinking gets a danish to Krusty the Clown, who hires Bart as his new assistant.  It also lets a highly erudite Bumblebee Man try to replace Kent Brockman over another missing danish.

Danishes apparently rule television.

Bart’s new job isn’t much fun, but it did work out better for Homer who briefly thought his son had been turned into a box.  A box, damn you, a box.

You may need to speak up if he is wearing a towel.

A cheese mishap sidelines Sideshow Mel and gets Bart on the show.  He screws it up, wrecks things, and says he didn’t do it.

That makes him famous.

Though initially pleased, Bart gets tired of being known for only saying one line.  Even Conan O’ Brien only wants to hear that one line.  Being the “I didn’t do it” kid wears him out, but by the time he finally accepts it, he’s finished.  It just isn’t funny anymore.  You know, if it ever was.

Lisa, of course, has no catch phrase, so if you want her, she’ll be in her room.

Bart did have a bad dream at one point of being on some future version of the Match Game, though how Bart even knows such a show existed given his age is better left unquestioned.

Also left unquestioned is how sharp the box factory guy’s hearing is, or why Krusty doesn’t remember the other times Bart helped him.

Well, I am sure Bart will continue to be recognized in the future, just like his father was due to the Be-Sharps.


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