Simpsons Did It!: “The Last Temptation Of Homer”

Give Homer Simpson some credit.  Sure, he’s done stuff that made Marge really mad with other women, like Princess Kashmir and Lurleen Lumpkin, but he never really acted on those and was largely oblivious as to why Marge was mad in the latter case until it was pretty much spelled out for him by that seductive country singer.

But Mindy Simmons was someone he never saw coming!

Insert dirty Watson joke here.

And it’s not like Homer really wants to cheat.  Well, he does, but he doesn’t.

I mean, they tried really hard to make Mindy attractive, those animators, while keepin’ her in The Simpsons style.

I mean, she's still a cartoon and all...
I mean, she’s still a cartoon and all…

Plus, she has Michelle Pfeiffer’s voice and Homer’s ideas of fun.  Homer was doomed from the start.  His home life doesn’t help either when Marge is sick, Bart is wearing all manner of temporary corrective stuff, and Lisa can’t cook fish sticks.  Plus, Grandpa.

Homer really is taken off-guard by all this, particularly when he starts hallucinating.  Or maybe he really did never see a naked chick riding a clam before.

It would take a strong man to resist temptation, and he can’t find any help.  His workmates don’t notice.  Moe and Barney’s advice doesn’t help, and it really does a number on Joey Joe Joe Junior Shabadoo.  The marital crisis hotline goes to Ned Flanders who wants to bring Marge in on the conversation. And Homer’s guardian angel can’t get through, either as Sir Isaac Newton or Colonel Klink.  Homer doesn’t recognize the former, and the latter’s attempts to show how things would be different if Homer married Mindy instead of Marge shows everyone involved would be much better off.

And, you know, nothing against Werner Klemperer, but it is really weird how popular Colonel Klink is with Homer or anybody when you consider what his profession is.

What’s really shocking is…Mindy is just as tempted by Homer!

My God, what do these women see in that guy?

For all that the universe, desserts included, seem to be pushing Homer and Mindy together, Homer doesn’t want to ruin his marriage.  So, Mindy suggests he follow his heart, and he ends the episode with Marge.  Aw, how sweet.

And to think, the whole thing started because the Department of Labor told Mr. Burns to hire a woman.  Look, he hired a duck.  What more do you want from that man?

Oh, in the B-plot, Bart turns into a nerd, shocking himself and Milhouse into seeing they are nerds.  And here’s where I always wonder what happened.See, Bart is now a target for the bullies, but Martin takes him to the nerd refuge.  So, when Bart is back to normal, and he sees the bullies coming for him…why not show the bullies the nerd refuge to keep himself from being beaten up again?

Well, maybe because Bart isn’t that bad a kid.

He’s just what the hayseed kid called “goofy lookin’.”


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