Homer Simpson’s Dream Come True: Life Size Doughnut Pool Table


Wait for it… aaaaaaahhhh… now you see it,  don’t you? Pink glaze, sprinkles on top. This is the Doughnut Pool Table designed and built by artist Cléon Daniel (previously: his banana shaped pool table). The doughnut’s hole allows players to crawl under the table and shoot from the middle. My only question, is how does this beauty taste? Am-I-right?

There’s probably more to it though, then just looking cool. There’s an actual art to playing pool though, I’m not too sure how well the normal rules would apply to this pool table. I do know that if you were to play on a normal (but less cool version), then you could easily check out this guide by pingthatpong. Apparently even table tennis people can play according to them, I wonder if there’s a cool table tennis design that would be better then this doughnut though.

No word on if this delicious treat is going to be on the market an time soon, but truth be told, I have a sweet tooth and will challenge you to a wizard duel for a chance to get one!




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