Heroes, Villains and More Make Up This Makeup


WOWZERS! You’ve got to check out makeup artist Natasha Morley (@chibinat) and how she can transform herself into some of our favorite heroes, villains, and monsters! If I had half of these skills I don’t think I would take so long to get ready in the morning – I hate how I always poke my eye out with mascara. AmIRight ladies? I don’t know how she has the patience to sit there and do this to herself, but we’re sure glad she does, because it’s absolutely stunning. I wonder if she uses some eyelash serum like Xlash or if those are stick on lashes, but either way they make her eyes even more striking with that makeup work. I bet she has thousands of followers on her social media pages such as Instagram and Facebook, I know I can’t get as many as that and I certainly don’t have the time or patience to gain followers through my posts on doing make up like hers, but I suppose I could start by making a more appealing instagram bio. Maybe I can get more views on my page this way? Back to Natasha.. Click after the break to see some of our favorite transformations like GROOT, ULTRON, and so much more.

(via Fashionably Geek)

One thought on “Heroes, Villains and More Make Up This Makeup

  1. wow…. impressive. Lot’s of good results and creative ideas. And not as scary as the W’s hair shirtless tubby bald men with 80’s hair.

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