Some Guy In Sweden Says We Now Have an Earth Flag


An art designer in Sweden has designed a flag for the entire world.  I’m sure this will play well in the Red States.  What does the new flag look like?  Click on!

Here’s the elegant and minimalist flag designed by Oskar Pernefeldt, a student at Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm, Sweden.

Earth Flag

I like it, but I wonder if we needed this given we have a UN flag that could be run up the pole the moment we achieve global unity.



Both of these flags precede the ultimate flag we will all waive once we make first contact, though.

federation flag

The new flag hits some of the themes of the Olympic flag with the interlocking circles.



Will this flag one day fly over much of the world and ultimately be stuck into the red soil of Mars?  Maybe.

But it will never conquer the proud nation of Petoria! Viva la Griffin!


Source: IFL Science

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