What Will Come First: Flying Cars, Hoverboards, or….Neither?

flying car

Months ago on the Gabbing Geek podcast, Jenny delighted us with a GNOW about this lame effort at producing hoverboards before 2015 (Magnets!).  Now someone is saying the flying cars of Back to the Future 2 are here…TODAY!

Instead of requiring a metal track to lamely hover aboard, these flying cars are pretty much small planes with wheels than cars with flight.  An important distinction making this no different than cars that can go into the water; essentially a novelty around since the days of LBJ. We even have cars today that do not require a driver, who would have thought it hey? See this survey to find out exactly what people think about these new cars.


When he wasn't showing off his junk to strangers, he liked to brag about his watercar.
When he wasn’t showing off his junk to strangers, he liked to brag about his watercar.

But still, this is a better product it seems than Jenny Branded Hoverboards!

According to AeroMobil, the first commercially available model will be a two-seater capable of reaching speeds of close to 100 mph (160 km/h) as a car, and 125 mph as a plane (200 km/h). It will run on gasoline rather than kerosene so it can be filled up at regular gas stations, and it’s small enough to fit into existing infrastructure and garages and thus won’t require a hangar. What’s more, it can land on short strips of grass, so additional airports won’t be required. Instead, Vaculik argues, lanes could be added on to existing highways.

I cannot wait to see the wrecks that this would produce if it was ever commercially viable.  Think this… but coming from the Sky!


Source:  IFL Science

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