Obscure Geek of the Week- The Biggest Box Office Draw In HISTORY!

Quick quiz, geeks!  Who is the all-time box office champ when adding up the total grosses from all of his or her films?  Harrison Ford? Tom Hanks?  Morgan Freeman?  Surely it’s Samuel L Jackson? He’s in every movie made!

Nope.  It’s this guy.

Who the Hell is this guy????


This guy, who’s films have grossed a rondockulous $15B globally, is Frank Welker; the greatest living legend amongst the voice acting community.  If Andy Serkis is the go to guy for motion capture, Welker is the first choice when you need a cartoon monkey scream.

Ok, so he games the system.  He is more than happy to do one or two lines in films that are going to be hits to pad his stats (Box Office Mojo doesn’t even have an entry for him!), but the man is prolific and had tons of success.

Despite his dominance in the film industry, Welker is actually best known as a TV voice actor, performing the voices of Fred from Scoobie-Doo, Dr Claw in Inspector Gadget, and Megatron from the Transformers cartoon (he wasn’t Megatron in the films but did perform as Galvatron and Shockwave adding to his total!)

I’m gunning for you, Welker! That title will be mine!


Here’s the Wikipedia page for more on Frank Welker.  

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