Star Wars Episode 7: Bad Ass Kung Fu Awakens?

The excellent team at Schmoesknow dropped a great story on Episode 7 featuring three martial artists and a stunt coordinator from the Raid 2 in the film.  Meaning we could get to see some sweet moves; hopefully with lightsabers!

The trio is also linked to Andy Serkis somehow in possible motion capture. This rumor, if true (and the SK team are solid), get our blood moving!

Lucas would have had them be the trade ferderation we’re guessing.

Source: Schmoesknow

One thought on “Star Wars Episode 7: Bad Ass Kung Fu Awakens?

  1. Oh come on now. That last line isn’t fair. George Lucas would have found a completely different way of screwing up with these guys than simply casting them as dull aliens. He probably would have cast them as dull aliens that did some kung fu that really underlined how poor the rest of the movie was when all the viewer could say is, “But these dull aliens did some sort of martial arts, and dang it, why couldn’t the rest of the movie been that cool! Now I am furious as how much one competent scene makes the rest of the movie look worse by comparison!”

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