Benedict Cumberbatch Related to Richard III?


Well Hot dog!!! Jenny always knew that Benedict Cumberbatch was amazing, but who knew he was related to a king! Okay, maybe that is stretching it a bit, but none the less, check out what University of Leicester Professor Kevin Schurer has to say about it:

“University of Leicester Professor Kevin Schurer, who was instrumental in proving the identity of Richard III by tracking down his modern day relations, has now uncovered a link between Cumberbatch and the king – and shown them to be third cousins, 16 times removed.

It is estimated that between one million and 17 million people in the UK are related, in someway, to the former Plantagenet monarch.

However, Prof Schurer has discovered that the line of descent Cumberbatch shares with Richard III is much more direct.”

More direct? More Direct? Let’s just crown him King and call it a day. How cool is this news. And based on the stats, looks like many of us may be related to the great monarch as well, Richard III that is, not Cumberbatch. Need to keep our kings straight.

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